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Airomatic - Smart low powered roof ventilator with clear dome

Smart low powered roof ventilator with clear dome

Airomatic - Powered roof top ventilator with clear dome
Sensitive Choice - partners with Edmonds

Edmonds is a proud partner with Sensitive Choice®, improving the quality of life for those with asthma and allergies. Learn more >

AiroMatic is a powerful, Smart Roof Mounted Ventilator that continuously and reliably improves the comfort and health of your home all year round.

AiroMatic has a small, low powered motor in the head of the vent that continuously removes heat and condensation from your roof space. AiroMatic also features temperature & humidity sensors that adjust the speed setting according to the conditions in your roof space- improving your energy efficiency.

AiroMatic - equivalent to 6 wind driven ventsEquivalent to 6 wind driven vents

One AiroMatic has power equivalent to six wind driven vents and can be used on a continuous basis, without reliance on the wind. Learn more >

AiroMatic - heat reductionHeat reduction

AiroMatic uses temperature & humidity sensors for automatic sensing speed control. The speed of the system will vary to reduce the heat load in the roof space without wasting energy consumption. Learn more >

AiroMatic - condensation managementCondensation management

AiroMatic's humidity sensor adjusts the speed of AiroMatic to an optimal setting necessary to remove damaging condensation in the roof space. This is especially important in winter months when your roof is most susceptible to mould and mildew formation.Learn more >

AiroMatic - coloursAvailable in 4 colours

AiroMatic is available in four colours to match most roof colours. Learn more >

AiroMatic - diy installationDIY Installation

AiroMatic is suitable for the DIY home handyperson as long as there is a power outlet in the roof cavity. For more information on installing AiroMatic, click here >