EcoPower true-hybrid ventilation technology

The comfort and safety levels of building occupants are a growing concern in modern-well sealed business. The traditional means of exhausting heat or fumes from a building was either; mechanical ventilation, which has high and ongoing cost associated with it. Or turbine ventilation - though it has low ongoing cost, its performance is dependent on natural conditions such as wind.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and the world leader in turbine ventilator technology; Edmonds designed, engineered and manufactured the EcoPower® range of ventilators in Australia. It is the world’s first true-hybrid ventilator that will work to ensure a constant supply of fresh air. EcoPower incorporates the leading design of Hurricane® vertical vane turbine ventilator with a high efficiency electronically commutated (EC) motor for reliability and on-demand peak performance, when required.

Features and Benefit
How EcoPower works


  • EP400, 600 and 900: 10 years for turbine body/2 years for the motor and Accessories
  • EP100 and EP150: 5 years for turbine body/ 2 years for Accessories/1 year for the motor
  • Refer to EP100-150 and EP400-900 warranty documents for full warranty conditions
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