Cathedral Ceiling Ventilation System

The Cathedral Ceiling Vent system relieves heat build-up under cathedral/raked ceilings, exhausting hot, stuffy, damp or moist air from the home.

The Edmonds Cathedral Ceiling Vent system has been developed specifically to relieve heat build-up under raked or cathedral ceilings. The ceiling grille under the TurboBeam roof vent allows fresh air and some natural light into your home.

The system combines the benefits of an Edmonds TurboBeam vent and a ceiling grille. It works by removing the hot and stuffy air from inside your home in summer, and excess moisture, damp or stale air in winter, exhausting the air into the external environment and improving the comfort and air quality in your home.



  • Removal of heat and moisture from living areas
  • Designed for cathedral/raked ceilings
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings
Features & Benefits