Paltech Ceiling Diffuser

Ceiling diffusers can be used to connect ducting to roof mounted ventilators for the effective removal of hot, stuffy, stale or damp air from living areas

The Paltech ceiling diffusers are suitable when a ducted ventilation solution is required to blend in aesthetically to ceiling surfaces. They are designed with easy to clean, non-reflective white surfaces and made from high quality, long lasting ABS polymers that are scratch and chip resistant.

The Paltech Round  Diffuser has a 300mm diameter and fits well with any ducting connected to an Edmonds 300mm roof ventilator. The centre cone can be wound in or out to decrease or increase airflow and the airflow can be turned off by winding the centre in all the way.

The Paltech Round Downjet Diffuser is flush mounted and can also be completely closed by turning the centre knob. It is available in 3 sizes – 150mm, 200mm and 250 mm.



  • The Paltech Ceiling Diffusers are suitable for applications where a ducted ventilation solution is required.
  • The diffusers are beneficial when paired with similar sized Edmonds ventilators as no reduction collar is required to fit the diffuser with the ducting. 
  • Suitable for ceilings in most homes and living areas
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings


Features & Benefits