AiroMatic Smart Roof Ventilator powered by Edmonds Air iQ

Ventilation just got smarter!

AiroMatic, powered by Edmonds Air iQ, detects and responds to the levels of temperature & humidity in your roof space.

AiroMatic on Healthy Homes Australia
AiroMatic features humidity and temperature sensors, powered by Edmonds Air iQ, which intuitively adjust AiroMatic's fan speed to suit the conditions in the roof space. 

AiroMatic is perfect for the summer season
During summer, your roof space can reach up to 70 degrees! This is a problem, especially if you have ducted air con because it has to work extra hard to push cool air through a hot roof space into your home. Ventilation can help remove this heat to reduce the temperature in your roof space and allow your AC to work more efficiently to effectively cool your home.

Additionally, the clear acrylic dome is designed to allow light into the roof space to deter pests that can cause allergens thus, increasing comfort in your home. 

Why a Smart Vent powered with Edmonds Air iQ?
The biggest benefit of installing a smart roof vent is that one smart vent has power equivalent to 6 natural driven vents (or whirly birds as most people know them). Smart vents also have the benefit of working on a continuous basis, without reliance on the wind for a low cost of $35/ year based on $0.28 per kW/H.

How many AiroMatics do I need?
The number of Airomatics you will need will vary based on your roof size and reasons for ventilating. As a general recommendation, 1 AiroMatic is sufficient per 87m2 of roof space on a high setting. However, for the best ventilating results, contact the Edmonds team and we can help you with a solution custom to your needs. 

Features & Benefits


  • Edmonds Air iQ Smart Ventilation Technology 
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Clear dome made with high quality UV stable polymer
  • Maximum flow rate of 647m3/hr
  • Preset automatic temperature controlled variable speed setting, or three preset fixed speed settings
  • Can be fitted with ducting and a ceiling grille in specific rooms in the home (not suppled with AiroMatic)
  • Polymer construction in four popular colours
  • High efficiency 24V DC motor
  • Two year warranty on the body and motor and one year on the power pack and speed controller


  • Edmonds Air iQ detects and removes heat and humidity in the roof space
  • Edmonds Air iQ sets speed setting at optimal speed to improve energy efficiency 
  • Allows natural light into the roof space, deterring unwanted pests
  • Effective ventilation in most climates
  • Removes heat load in warm months and reduces condensation in the roof space in cool months
  • With ducting and a ceiling grille, moisture can be removed from rooms, like bathrooms and laundries
  • Complements most metal or tile roofs
  • Quiet operation, low running costs and reduced energy usage
  • Improves air quality.
Installation guidelines